ParkChecks - Collaborative and Interactive Checkups

Work with independent subject matter experts at Method Park by UL Solutions to gain critical insights into the quality of your internal work practices. Our customizable, collaborative ParkCheck offerings help you identify, rate and mitigate risks to the success of your business.

Self-contained, interactive checkups on quality- and risk-related topics 

In our hands-on, customer-centered checkups, our domain experts provide independent, individualized insights you can use to help improve engineering quality. We dig deep to help you identify and mitigate risks to your development processes and product quality, which can significantly impact the success of your business. When your products bear the label stating “ParkCheck done by Method Park by UL Solutions,” this signals that a neutral third-party engineer performed a ParkCheck, communicates your commitment to quality and helps build customers’ trust in your brand.

ParkCheck Benefits

ParkCheck offers key benefits to your business and your customers:


  • Identify and develop plan to mitigate risks to the success of your business
  • Enhances accountability
  • Independent, external input provides an impetus for internal change


  • Gain knowledge through hands-on trainings, workshops and audits
  • Identify knowledge and process gaps and develop plan for improvement
  • Get third-party evidence of the quality of your processes, products and/or services

End Consumer

  • Helps boost your customers’ trust in your brand and the quality of your products and services

ParkCheck Features

In ParkCheck collaborative, constructive audits, Method Park by UL Solutions experts record and evaluate your current processes, products and services, identify challenges and potential areas of improvement, and recommend a course of action. The typical timeframe of a ParkCheck includes five days at your site. At their conclusion, you will receive a final report documenting the results of the evaluation and recommended follow-up actions, as well as a label stating “ParkCheck done by Method Park by UL Solutions,” which helps demonstrate your commitment to quality to your customers.

Our customizable ParkCheck offerings include the following areas of focus:

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ParkCheck for Architecture

ParkCheck Architecture

System and software architecture design decisions play a critical role in determining your ability to succeed in the market. Your architecture must meet business requirements and your customers’ needs? With ParkCheck Architecture, our experts offer insight into whether your system and software architecture are suitable to support your business goals, and we identify specific opportunities for improvement.

ParkCheck Architecture offers the independent perspective of an external analysis team to help you improve your understanding...


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ParkCheck for Cybersecurity

ParkCheck for Cybersecurity

Understanding the cybersecurity threats facing your products is a crucial step in building safer and more secure products. Work with an experienced partner to better understand your products’ cybersecurity risks, identify potential vulnerabilities and learn how threats can impact your business and your customers.

In our ParkCheck for Cybersecurity workshops, our cybersecurity specialists employ our systematic approach to threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA) to help you:



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ParkCheck for Agile Product Development

ParkCheck for Agile Product Development

Agile development can help your development team cost-effectively and efficiently complete projects while enhancing communication with the product owner. ParkCheck for Agile Product Development offers a neutral, external perspective on your agile processes, artifacts and practices and identify specific ideas for improvement. ParkCheck Agile Product Development can help you:


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Method Park by UL Solutions

Method Park by UL Solutions specializes in software and systems engineering for complex, innovative products. We offer process-based product engineering, high-quality software development, training and consulting services focused on the safety-critical aspects of automotive, medical and other regulated industries. All ParkCheck practitioners have deep and up-to-date industry experience as well as extensive training and coaching skills.

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